Active Shooter


  • Remain calm
  • Immediately call USC Police at 911 and tell the dispatcher:
    • Your location
    • Person’s behavior
    • Person’s physical description
    • Person’s location and direction of travel
    • What you saw
    • Where and when it happened
    • Your contact information for further questioning
  • Stay on the phone until released by the dispatcher
  • DO NOT let anyone into a locked room or building without proper authority
  • DO NOT engage in a physical confrontation with the person
  • DO NOT block the person’s exit
  •  Remain calm
  • Call USC Police at 911
  • If you cannot speak, dial 911 and leave the line open to allow emergency officer to hear what is going on inside the room
  • Stay on the phone until released by the dispatcher
  • Barricade
  • If armed person(s) leaves, immediately find a safe location or create a barricade to prevent reentry
  • If you are unable to hide or escape, act within your abilities to defend yourself
  • This is a serious decision that ONLY YOU can make
  • Make sure you have a survival mindset
  • Make a plan
  • If possible, work as a team
  • Think outside of the box
  • Do whatever is necessary to neutralize the threat
  • Throw objects, scream, overwhelm the shooter’s senses
  • Use objects (improvised weapons) to strike the shooter