Hazardous Material Release

  • Leave the area immediately, and keep others away
  • Typically one-half mile away (8 to 10 blocks)
  • Do not walk into or touch any spilled liquids, airborne mists, or condensed solid chemical deposits
  • Turn off all ignition and heat sources
  • Try not to inhale gases, fumes, or smoke
  • Cover mouth with a cloth while leaving the area
  •  Call USC Police at 911 immediately and tell the dispatcher:
    •  The location of the leak or spill
    • Type of substance
    • Amount spilled/leaking
    • Any injuries
  • Those contaminated by the spill should avoid contact with others and remain in a safe location nearby to receive medical assistance
  • WET CHEMICALS: Flush with water and soap if possible, being sure not to scrub the chemical on your skin
  • DRY CHEMICALS: Brush from skin using gloves
  • Remove all contaminated clothing
  • Once the chemical is removed, flush with cool water
  • Those with information on the chemical should leave immediate area but remain in a safe location nearby to direct emergency personnel to the affected area
  • Assist with providing information about the: incident, chemicals involved, Material
    Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and chemical’s common use
  • Follow evacuation instructions from emergency personnel
  • Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants, and walkways clear
  • Return to the building only when permitted by emergency officials
  • If you are unable to evacuate, or requested to stay indoors, SHELTER IN PLACE
  • Close and lock all exterior doors and windows
  • Close vents, and as many interior doors as possible
  • Turn off air conditioners and ventilation systems
  • In large buildings, set ventilation systems to 100 percent recirculation so that no outside air is drawn into the building
  • If this is not possible, ventilation systems should be turned off
  • Go into a room above ground that has the fewest openings to the outside
  • Seal gaps under doorways and windows with wet towels, plastic sheeting, and duct tape
  • Use material to fill cracks and holes in the room, such as those around windows
  • If gas or vapors could have entered the building, take shallow breaths through a cloth or towel
  • Call USC Police at 911 to report your location