Suspicious Package

  • Remain calm
  • Stay away from the package
  • DO NOT allow anyone to handle or go near the package
  • DO NOT use any cell phones, radios, or other wireless devices around the package
  • Call USC Police at 911 (emergency) or at 803-777-4215 (non-emergency), depending on the situation, from a land line of possible
    •  State the location of the package and provide a description
    • Stay on the phone until released by the dispatcher
  • If you touched the package, wash your hands with soap and water for 15 minutes

Consider the specific circumstances when evaluating the following signs. The presence of one characteristic may not necessarily mean a package is dangerous, but if in doubt, call USC Police.

  • Package or envelope with suspicious powdery substance
  • Unexpected package sent by someone unfamiliar to you
  • Excessive postage
  • Poorly written or typed address
  • Incorrect title(s) with no names
  • Misspelling of common words or names
  • Addressed to someone no longer at the address
  • Outdated postmarks
  • No return address, or one that can’t be identified as legitimate
  • Return address not consistent with postmark
  • Unusual weight, given package size; lopsided or oddly shaped
  • Unusual amount of tape, string, or other wrapping material
  • Marked with restrictive labels like “fragile,” “personal,” “confidential,” or “rush-do-not-delay”
  • Strange odor, stains, or noises (i.e. rattling, clicking, ticking, etc.)
  • Appears to contain electrical wire or aluminum foil
  • Country of foreign origin, unfamiliar to recipient