Workplace Violence

  • Remain calm and notify your supervisor
  • Call USC Police at 911 (emergency) or at 803-777-4215 (non-emergency) depending on the situation and tell the dispatcher:
    • Your location
    • Person’s behavior
    • Person’s physical description
    • Person’s location and direction of travel
    • What you saw
    • Where and when it happened
    • Stay on the phone until released by the dispatcher

Consider the specific circumstances when evaluating the following signs. The presence of one characteristic may not necessarily mean a person is prone to workplace violence, but if in doubt, call USC Police.

  • Threats, threatening behavior, displays of aggression, or excessive anger
  • A history of threats or violent acts
  • Unusual fascination with weapons
  • Verbal abuse of coworkers and/or customers, or harassment via phone/e-mail
  • Bizarre comments or behavior, especially if it includes violent content
  • Holding grudges, inability to handle criticism, habitually making excuses, and/or blaming others
  • Chronic, hypersensitive complaints about persecution or injustice
  • Making jokes or offensive comments about violent acts
  • Significant changes on mood or behavior